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 League Rules

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PostSubject: League Rules   League Rules Icon_minitimeNovember 4th 2012, 11:51 pm


  • A little bit about why myself and Flames92 made this league/forum is because we are tired of joining GM Connected leagues and than they barely make it through a full year. We figured that making a forum such as we did will unite the GM's of the league, making it easier for everyone to contact each other for trades, games that need to be played, making everyone more involved in the league and making everything more organized, which are a few problems as to why we thought other leagues have failed

  • Our goal is to have a GM Connected League last a minimum of 5 years so that we can really see who can build a Stanley Cup team, re-build a team and watch their prospects grow into a Stanley Cup team and pretty much have fun in doing so.

Joining the League:

  • Once you're all set up in the forum with your team in the inscriptions section, you must then send a request on your xbox 360 to the league name: Hockey Lives Here. Once this is done we will look at your gamertag and your account on the forum and match you with your team (this is why you must have the same name as your gamertag).

  • Once you have joined the league you must post a Trade & Matchup thread in your teams section. Example: . The Trades thread is for you receive offers from other teams and the Matchups thread is for you to discuss with another team when you can meet up and play your games.

  • You must also put up a profile picture with a resemblance to your team so that people can immediately recognize which team you are (such as your team logo or a player on your team in your teams uniform).

General Rules:

  • We are looking for the MOST ACTIVE GM's out there in order for this league to succeed! If you aren't active for a certain amount of time you will get warned and put in the GM's in Danger category, if you do not become more active after that you will be kicked from the league and a new GM will be found

  • Each team has their own category where you can post your very own trade block: for other GM's to post their trade offers, availabilities: so other GM's can see when you will be available to play (really important) and if you wish you can post your team roster and picks you have, basically anything you wish since its your teams category

  • There is a chatbox at the bottom of the forum that you can log into in order to quickly chat with other GM's

  • Every category has some rules and information about so be sure to click around and read up on them, if you have any questions whatsoever, ask me or Flames92 and we'll gladly answer you


[list][*]The simming will go as follows:

The sim period is a block of 2 weeks of a nhl schedule and I will sim every 3-4 days at around 11:00PM EST or if everyone finishes their games early I can sim before, ill go with flow.

  • Every team MUST enable their CPU for the following reason (there is NO excuse not to enable your CPU):
    If and only IF you cannot play a GM by 9:00PM on the day that I will sim than you can play that GM's CPU, if that GM clearly stated that he would be available to play in between 9 and 11 PM than you CANNOT play his CPU unless you have that GM's permission

  • When playing a GM or a GM's CPU under no circumstance can you quit the game (like if you're losing), if you choose to do so its simple: the first time you do you will get a warning and be put on the GM's Danger List, the second time you decide to do it you will be kicked from the league and replaced
    We can easily check if you do this by the DNF% and the CPU DNF% so don't try and cheat the system, if you're losing take it like a man!

  • Failure to abide by these rules will get you a warning, a second time will get you kicked out and a GM in the waiting will replace you

Trade Rules:

  • In a FULL season GM's will only be allowed to do a MAXIMUM of 4 trades: 2 Regular Season trades: Basically, you have 2 trade to make from the beginning of the season up until the trade deadline, 1 Trade Deadline trade: pretty self explanatory and 1 Off Season trade: Any trade made after playoffs are over, before/during and after the draft and the time leading up until our very first game is considered an off season trade, this way it will make GM's really think about how they can build their team according to its needs and making it a lot more strategic for GM's. Also, that way if ever a GM is inactive and a new one takes over at least the team wouldn't of lost its identity. The seasons will also go relatively fast so those who like to make many trades need not worry as they will get many opportunities as the seasons go by.

  • Trades must obviously be fair, being all humans and not the CPU I expect them to be that way, if there are any trades that seem to be really unfair and we get complaints about a trade than myself and the admins will come up with a verdict on the trade, ACCEPT or DECLINED

  • Failure to abide by these rules will give you a warning, next time they aren't followed it will put you on the GM's in danger category and a third time will mean you will be kicked out of the league and replaced by another GM in waiting


  • We strongly advise that you get involved in both the forums and the game as it provides you with all the news and updates throughout the season and off-season

  • Once the league starts we will post other announcements to discuss other factors to kick off the season such as free agency and the next sim period

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League Rules
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