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 Being a GM

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PostSubject: Being a GM   Being a GM Icon_minitimeDecember 3rd 2012, 12:50 pm

Alright so we're passed the midway point of the season and some teams have had multiple GMs and ive noticed the biggest reason for teams leaving is:

1. They arent active or broke rules so i kicked them out
2. Competition is high in this league

Look guys, theres 30 NHL teams and only 1 will win the Stanley Cup, if you're losing..who cares? its one season..look to the future, re-build, make trades, sign players, scout players...theres a WHOLE lot to do in being a GM in GM Connected so have FUN AND be active

On a second note, we went through a lot of GMs because i want dedicated GMs who will actually make it fun for everyone, right now i feel very confident with all the new GMs we currently have im getting to where i want to be! theres a few exception GMs where im looking for them to step up or they will be gone...Being a GM 882554 hasnt been on forum since he joined and i have no idea if hes playing his games (thats an example)

In the end, this game is frustrating thats a guarantee..but i hope you guys are still having fun..also hope we can make it to a minimum of 5yrs in this league!

PS I give EVERYONE till Thursdays advance to enable their CPU if you DONT your gone, no exceptions..even the new takes 2sec to do and theres no excuses!!
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Being a GM
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